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Would you like to uncover the secrets of the top 50 Italian SPAs?

How was the ‘E-SPAnsive’ project born?

‘E-SPAnsive’ was born from Raffaella Dallarda’s
passion for wellness. After teaching for 25 years
and travelling to different countries, in 2015 she
opened a blog where she shared her SPA
experiences on her social channels. During the
quarantine, she decided to spotlight Italian SPAs by
creating content and gathering testimonials from
industry professionals. The project caught the
attention of wellness brands and Forbes, which
named her among the 100 Women of the Year.

“E-SPAnsive” is the first SPA guide that expands
information, curiosity, and trends on the 50 best SPAs in Italy.

E-SPAnsiva Reviews

“E-SPAnsive” represents an opportunity, a platform to delve into wellness, highlighting extraordinary locations, the thermal realm, and the culture of well-being – a holistic approach encompassing various forms, from thermal treatments to hospitality. I am Alberto Apostoli, an architect and designer with a >25-year experience in SPA and wellness facility design. “E-SPAnsive” embodies this very ethos: a successful endeavor to share this
remarkable realm and engage clients and operators in conversations about the convergence of wellness and beauty.

Alberto Apostoli, SPA architecture and WELLNESS DESIGN

‘E-SPAnsive’ stands as a pivotal reference for the strategies and initiatives of the World Federation of Thermalism, an accredited body working closely with the World Health Organization, particularly in the realms of healthcare and prevention. Serving as a critical instrument, ‘E-SPAnsive’ plays a significant role in disseminating Italy’s wealth of wellness globally, ensuring the essential standards of quality and credibility for users and consumers.

Prof. Umberto Solimene, President of FEMTEC

I had the pleasure of meeting Raffaella at an event in Milan. What struck me immediately about her was her sunny disposition, coupled with a serious yet elegant and determined demeanour. She exudes trust, serenity, and an infectious energy. These very qualities are intricately woven into her ‘masterpiece’ dedicated to the realm of salus per aquam – E- SPAnsive, the 50 best Italian SPAs. It is an extensive and extraordinary work, akin to a ‘travel journal’ inviting readers into the enchanting world of
wellness and beyond.

Marco Sutter, editor Wine & Travel, Golf & Travel and director of Identity Style

‘E-SPAnsive’ has been an incredible opportunity for me as it embodies the essence of wellness, to which I dedicate myself within my fish Longevity Lab, nestle in the ‘Tunnel’, where I work to enhance the well- being of products. Through studies, transformations, and the pursuit of food immortality, I introduce nuances and evolutions to these products. Consider freeze-drying an oyster, maturing a fish for months, or engaging in the distillation process. Here, we craft the well-being that will later manifest in flavours, tastes, and aromas –elements that evoke feelings of goodness and satisfaction. It is this connection to the concept of wellness that resonates deeply with me.

Starred chef Moreno Cedroni

“E-SPAnsive” presents a unique platform to globally showcase the sea of Sardinia, its salt, and the exceptional properties that render it a uniquely therapeutic spring water, renowned for its preventive and healing characteristics. Speaking from my experience as a doctor specializing in obstetrics, gynaecology, and thalassotherapy, I can attest to the significance of thalassotherapy in my life. For three decades, we have harnessed the properties of the marine climate, water, sun, and sand at the Forte Village in Santa Margherita di Pula, where the Italian school of thalassotherapy originated. Here, we work with the pristine marine water of our gulf, rich in sodium and magnesium salt, to offer unparalleled therapeutic benefits.

Dr. Angelo Cerina / Medical director “Acquaforte Thalasso & SPA Forte Village Resort” and Head of the surgical obstetrics and gynaecology unit in Cagliari

Spark In Spa

Why invest in bright and itinerant
communication in SPAs?

“Beautiful things have a magical sparkle that keeps them shining continuously”

What is ‘Spark in SPA’ ?

‘Spark in SPA’ embodies Inspatime’s mission: to ignite the sparks within a SPA or a company in the SPA Industry by spotlighting their distinctive qualities to give them a voice, visibility, and tranquillity.

“Enlighten the highlights of a SPA”!

Inspatime’s vision involves identifying and showcasing novel and distinctive SPA destinations and industry entities, setting criteria for their inclusion in the upcoming editions of “E-SPAnsive”, the guide to the top Italian SPAs published by Robb Report and the Forbes Italia group.



  • Raffaella Dallarda will spend a day on-site to create compelling
    experiential content, encompassing scenic videos that offer users an exclusive glimpse into your location, showcasing key personalities within the setting.
  • Creating 1 dynamic and creative animated video-reel.
  • Implementing post-production enhancements such as music, text overlays,
    and logo integration by the filmmaker.
  • The resulting video-reel will be published and shared across major social media channels by both Inspatime and Raffaella Dallarda, tapping into her substantial characterized audience (21K LinkedIn, 15K Instagram, 5K Facebook, YouTube Channel).


Why invest in your well-being story?

“Great stories happen to those who can tell them.”
Ira Glass

What is ‘InSpaTelling’ ?

It is an Advising and Communication journey offered by Inspatime, focussed on effectively and unconventionally conveying the writing and content of posts dedicated to a brand’s corporate well-being.

The emphasis is on them “wellness-oriented” values inherent in a hospitality structure, its SPA, or a company devoted to Social Sustainability, for a more equitable and appealing world.

Utilizing social media channels for interaction and reputation management is an effective means to engage with guests, nurture their loyalty, and anticipate their desires.


Development of an Editorial Plan and Copy Concept comprising three distinct parts: a captivating statement, an informative central text, and a conclusion aimed at evoking a sense of amazement. 

  1. The Introduction initiates with a title aimed at captivating and sustaining high attention levels, delivering a “WOW” effect. It will explore diverse themes: values, seasonality, experiences, highlights, activities, philosophy, history, current trends, treatments, rituals, skincare, and signature treatments.
  2. The body of the text will provide information, insights, and the advantages a user can derive from the product or service. It will incorporate keywords, structured content, creative emojis, specific hashtags, appropriate tags, and geotags.
  3. Concluding segments will always include a ‘call to action’, encouraging readers to engage actively.

Additionally, each text will be translated and published in both English and Italian.

Inspatime will collaborate with the Social Media Marketing team, leveraging existing images and videos to implement these strategies. Together, we will structure the journey based on post duration and frequency to ensure cohesive and impactful content delivery.


Request a Quote:

If your company is interested in the “Spark in Spa” or the “InSpaTelling” service, kindly complete the form provided.

Rest assured, I will promptly reach out to discuss the
project details and draft a tailored quote.

*Note: For tax purposes, advertising expenses are fully deductible from business income.


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