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Our body is our world, what in the Far East is called the “temple of the soul“, through which we sense feelings and sensations.

In order to take care of it and learn how to live healthily, we can change our little daily habits or take a wellness break in regenerating oases, like Albereta, surrounded by vineyards, harmony and natural beauty.

This sparkling retreat is enriched and surrounded by vineyards in Franciacorta area, with its well-known DOC bubbly and is embedded in a charming landscape, a few kilometres from Lake Iseo.

This Resort offers more than fifty elegant rooms.

It’s a former private villa, currently owned by the Moretti family, a short walk away from the Cantina Bellavista and enshrined in a centuries-old park.

For those who want to take care of themselves, committing to health and well-being, this mansion hosts the Espace Chenot Health Wellness Spa. The detox method is its pride and joy, a purifying programme to restore energy and vitality, with advanced diagnostic and energy tests, diet evaluations and a ground-breaking anti-ageing programme.

This wellness centre, relying on Henry Chenot’s method, features a 2,000 square metre space, on two floors and was designed by architect Ettore Mocchetti, Director of AD Italy. Its highly qualified personnel of almost 30 professionals include doctors, therapists, dieticians, therapy assistants, osteopaths and beauticians.

In the time I spent there, I experienced several extremely effective treatments.

With therapist Giordano, who has a years-long experience in holistic approaches and oriental training, I was delighted by Chenot detoxifying massage, to drain toxins. It employs manual techniques and a special suction device, with glass cups applied on Chinese meridians, to accelerate the elimination of fluids and cellular regeneration.

With therapist Giorgio, I experienced Chenot connective tissue massage, to release deep chronic muscle tension and to oxygenate tissues.

Before the massages, I tried the full hydroenergetic package of treatments, including hydro-aromatherapy, i.e., a special hydromassage with a secret blend of Chenot essential oils, added to water. Then, I experienced a phyto-mud bath, i.e., the application of a pack of white and green clays, enriched with microalgae and pure essential oils and a cold/hot hydrojet, to stimulate circulation and increase the metabolic rate.

I also tried the animated Finnish sauna, a normal area functioning as a 90°C, humidity-free sauna that is animated by an acrobat performing a show, in order to increase humidity and heat and offer stimulating background music.

I trained in an enormous and extremely equipped gym, attended Pilates and hydro-bike, in the pool.

When you stay in this piece of heaven, from the very moment you wake up, you can discover the beauty of Franciacorta hills, jump on a bike provided by the Resort and dive into the countryside of the vineyards, enjoying wellness and relaxing among wonderful wine-tasting landscapes.

At the Albereta Resort, you can enjoy the pleasure of indulging yourself even for a single day, with the DAY SPA programme, including a Bio-Light menu and specific purifying, restoring and regenerating programme.

Healthy infusions are served throughout the day in the tea corner of the lounge hall, thanks to a wide and varied selection of herbal teas, with purifying and antioxidant effects.

In recent years, food has become healthier and less “starred”. The Bistrot and Leone Felice restaurant have a magnificent view over the garden and offer Italian cuisine. As for “Carists“, i.e., those who have a nutritional detox diet, there is a special area for them, so as not to have them too close to temptation.

All personnel guides you on a healthy, detoxifying and restoring programme, in order to help you to achieve harmony.

Yes, because happiness starts from your own well-being!

Longing for Spa? Sparkle among Franciacorta bubbly and Albereta’s dynamic treatments for your psycho-physical balance, through Wellness, the Science of Life!

(Raphaella Dallarda – INSPATIMEBLOG)


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