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Wellness Blogger and SPA Expert.

Professionally I am a Primary school teacher, Rehabilitation Therapist and Naturopath, in Milan.

Since childhood, the principle “Mens sana in corpore sano” has guided my existence, so much to inspire me to undertake studies and training courses in Wellness.
Graduated in Milan as a physiotherapist, I started working in all fields of rehabilitation and massages, living experience in other cities too.

I participated in numerous training courses in the medical and holistic field and in personal awareness courses, graduating in 2016 as Naturopath.
Sporty, athletic, energetic, I’m fine when I’m in contact with nature, genuineness and balanced rhythms.

Youngest of five children, I’m attracted by numbers, Kaballah and the Five Elements of Nature, according to Traditional Chinese Medicine.

The five main ingredients of my concept of healthy life?
They are love, desire, body care, constant movement and spirituality.
I have been a tenured teacher for twenty years and I like writing, narrating, drawing, creating with the arts and expressing myself with poetry.

Curious, communicative, creative and concrete, I love to know and teach at the chair, often returning to the desks, to train myself and deepen.
I obtained a Master’s Degree in Management of Spa in Rome, to learn strategies and methods of communication, to start and run a Wellness Center.

The ideals of life to which I aspire?
Traveling the whole world, discovering corners of peace and feel good, to share on my blog, living in well-being, cultivating the affections, a natural kitchen-garden and awareness.

I’ve been a frequent visitor to Spa for the past twenty-five years, when the wellness centers were called Thermal Centers or Beauty Farms, I continued to caress this passion deeply, so as to pass from Spa Lover to Spa Expert.

I collaborated with Mondadori Retail Editing, in 2016 and 2017, organizing and moderating events, in the Parlour in bookstore “Benessere è”, almost every week.

The secret of my true well-being?
Waking up in the morning, grateful and hungry, nourished by meditation and prayer, before a healthy breakfast, as the most sacred and regenerating moment, to live every part of the day like a ritual, celebrating every second, with enthusiasm, positivity and a great desire for do.

My dream in the drawer to be realized as a project of life?
Always being surrounded by nature and children, to offer education to them, as a school of life and well-being and to create the Spa of my dreams, the one I have not yet found in the globe, to experience wellness at 360 degrees and make living to future customers a new www service: the “Warm Welcome Wellness”!


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