Hippocrates taught: “The human body is a temple and as such it must be taken care of and respected, always.”

Crazy globetrotter, I’ve diven into the sea of the Health Spa and Thermes, collecting a certain 360 degree experience on how to live and build a Wellness Center, also refined by the Master’s degree at the LUISS in Rome, in “Spa Management & Marketing“.

I continued to cultivate this passion so deeply, so that I passed from Spa Lover to Spa Expert.

In the end, I realized how much nicer there is in this profession, in the art of taking care of your own well-being, preventing health and not treating the disease, taking the person in front of you that you trust and entrust, in a journey step by step towards to feel good.

Spa in the air? Emirates makes wellness take off!

  SPA IN THE AIR? EMIRATES MAKES WELLNESS TAKE OFF! We are used to think of the Spa as a physical, stable place in space. Obviously, this is upset if we talk about an air flight. Since, for some time, even at high altitude, on an airplane that carries almost 500...

Spa on the cruise? For sailing towards wellness!

  "SPA ON THE CRUISE? FOR SAILING TOWARDS WELLNESS!" The sea makes you happy and a cruise experience, between the waves of the element water, "source of life", it maximizes the benefits. Even the best shipping companies have embraced the philosophy of the Spa,...

Wellness & Spa in Chile and Easter Island

  WELLNESS & SPA IN CHILE AND EASTER ISLAND? There are still uncontaminated lands on the planet, so authentic and sacred, that nourish the soul in depth and speak of ancient traditions. Chile is one of them! Why have I chosen to experience Wellness & Spa in Chile and...

Blue Lagoon Iceland

Destination wellness? Here it is, the next thermal temptation in Iceland Holidays are almost over. They leave the fantasy of dreaming of our next destination, in the name of wellness, of course. What about the alluring thermal temptation of the natural geothermal Blue...

Saturnia Tuscany Italy

WELLNESS IS TO RESTORE YOURSELF IN THE VOLCANIC CRATER OF TERME DI SATURNIA. When going on a wellness journey, even if just with your imagination, you can see yourself floating in the universe. Actually, there is a galactic and burning place on Earth, similar to...

Sha wellness Spa in Alicante

  Are you dreaming of a longer life and long-lasting wellness? Discover the secrets of SHA-Wellness-Spa in Alicante. Have you always dreamt of a longer life and long-lasting wellness? Here are the secrets of the exclusive Spanish clinic SHA-Wellness-Spa, located in...


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