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At the beginning of a new year, we always sow the seeds of successful objectives, with fruitful opportunities and dreams full of energy. The physical activity should be one of the weekly commissions, precisely because it’s one of the most important pillars fo Wellness. The marathon could be a challenge and it is not for all but running is a closer target, that it could become a pleasure. In honor of the author Prof. Enrico Arcelli, who past away three years ago and he was personally known on several occasions, a Sports Physician and a Sports Nutritionist Doctor for several champions and famous A-Series football teams and a mentor for many athletic trainers, I thought to summarie the most salient points of his scientific knowledge and research, collected in his last bestseller, is entitled “Voglio correre. Allenamento e alimentazione: come diventare più veloci, più resistenti, più magri” (“I want to run. Training and nutrition: how to increase our speed and endurance, and lose weight”, TN). It can be considered as a Bible to all racewalkers, novices and marathon runners, as it provides interesting science-based hints to grow fond of running, because you are not born a runner, you become one. To quote Nietzsche, “I have learned to walk: ever since, I let myself run”.
I have always loved running and ever since I was in middle school, I have practised Athletics. Sports are my passion; gym workout looks a little “mundane” to me but useful in case of adverse weather conditions. Open-air running, on Monte Stella or in some urban parks in Milan, gives me a sense of freedom, inner strength, as if I were challenging myself. Running provides to me a physical global wellness, as I feel alive and full of energy, I sleep better, my skin is more oxygenated and my mind is satisfied. I have not embraced the challenge of a true marathon yet; training for a 42 km race requires a significant mental discipline and an extreme effort, due to the physical stress implied. For many runners, marathon is the most emblematic race, the very target to achieve, even if half marathons, relay races, and ultra-marathons also exist. Passion for this competition is increasingly growing all around the world and it is spreading to areas with prohibitive or extreme weather conditions, like the Sahara or Antarctica. History tells that the Marathon is a sport re-enactment of the epic run of Philippides, who ran for about 40 kilometres from Marathon to Athens, to bring the news of Greeks victory against the Persians, in 490 BC. The New York City Marathon that takes place in November is considered as the most beautiful marathon in the world, for the incredible number and variety of participants. Training and nutrition programmes are critical. They must start about six months beforehand, in order to maximise the exploitation of glycogen and fats, so as to delay the exhaustion of glycogen stores to after the fateful 32nd kilometre! I’ll stop here and run to read the one hundred pages of Enrico Arcelli’s “Voglio correre” (I want running), so that I can provide you with the suggestions and curiosities in my next article “15 rules for a safe run”, that he would have taught me, as dedicated and trustworthy professional as he has been over his 40 year work experience in research, with the Sorbini family and the Enervit Equipe. Raphaella Dallarda (INSPATIMEBLOG)


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