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Two years ago, I experienced a hard workout “Like a Virgym“, to rephrase Madonna’s song, on the roman walls close to the Colosseum, where 2,000 years ago gladiators used to train in the arena of the Roman Empire’s capital city. A hard workout, as Hard Candy Fitness Club, to remind you that “after you work up a sweat you can play with this stick”! This concept is highlighted by the motto “Harder is better“, printed on the walls and on the merchandising of the Hard-Candy Fitness Club, which opened two years ago in Europe. The location is amazing, as it is found in the remains of a former ancient 3-floor theatre, even if the club has no windows facing them.
The gym is made up of four rooms. The larger central one includes Technogym machines, where I exercised with the help of Francesco and Giuseppe, two professional, competent, and bilingual personal trainers who are extremely friendly and cheerful. The other three rooms are intended for floor exercises and courses. Some of them were unknown to me, such as Pilates-Toys, Ripped-Yoga, and Hard Core. Unfortunately, I did not have the chance to try them all. “Strength & Heels” is the club’s pride and joy. It is a training lesson for the lower body, to tone legs and glutes, and improve posture, by alternating dancing bare-foot and in heels. Well-defined glutes on 12cm heels: I definitely love it! Every day, in the club’s dance room, the Queen of Pop is displayed on the maxi-screen videowall to show the daily lesson recorded and broadcasted in any HC gym, regardless if Madonna is actually in Beverly Hills, Miami, or Central Park. It is an extremely intense activity, at the wild pace of Miss Ciccone’s choreographies, to invigorate your body like a star.
“Addicted to Sweat”: not to be missed! At the entrance of the Hard Candy Fitness Club you can see the singer’s signature, which was hung on the wall during her visit at the opening on 20 August 2013. Blown-up images of Madonna are everywhere in the place. Giovanna and Federica, the front-desk girls were very polite, friendly and smiley. The Spa and the relaxing oasis are very private and clean. Lockers are beautiful, large, and fully accessorised, painted in red, with a sauna and lady-chairs. I would summarise my fitness experience in Madonna’s gym with the following expression: “In the Queen of Pop’s club, I experienced top training, in a Doc location”! Raphaella Dallarda (INSPATIMEBLOG)


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