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Welcome to the green life style

“Cultivating happiness in contact with nature,
to live healthier and longer”, according to Shinrin Yoku


Shinrin Yoku teaches it, a Japanese Zen practice that means forest-bathing, that is a forest-therapy in the forests, plunging in contact with the trees, walking in the nature, sitting on the roots of the trees, hugging the trunks, letting yourself be stimulated by the five senses, practicing green-gym, since green is the most common element of Mother Nature.

From this a need for nature ensues, that gives us its ancient secret therapy and offers us its healing power and its miraculous support.

Living existence with the room overlooking the nature is good for the soul and it reconciles us with life itself.

Rizzoli Vino

Rizzoli Vino

  SAPEVI CHE UN CALICE DI VINO CONTIENE L’ELISIR PER IL BENESSERE DI CORPO, MENTE E SPIRITO?Hai mai scoperto quanto benessere centellinato sia contenuto all’interno di un calice di vino, per l’armonia di CORPO, MENTE e SPIRITO? Il “nettare degli dei”, come veniva...

Succhi Astrologici

Succhi Astrologici

Tu, Di Quale Succo Astrologico Sei? Come raggiungere una bellezza planetare in un sorso? Semplice: bevendo, quotidianamente, estratti freschi di frutta e verdura, grazie alla DIETA ASTROLOGICA DEI SUCCHI! E tu, di quale succo astrologico sei? L’arrivo in Italia degli...


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