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When going on a wellness journey, even if just with your imagination, you can see yourself floating in the universe. Actually, there is a galactic and burning place on Earth, similar to Saturn’s concentric rings, called SATURNIA THERMAL BATHS, where you can restore yourself in its volcanic crater.

Many years after my first time here, in this therapeutic temple, I found a unique atmosphere embedded in the Maremma countryside, with steamy thermal water, sulphurous air, and the miraculous fossil hot water from the mineral spring that has been flowing for over 3,000 years from the mouth of an extinct volcano, at a constant temperature of 37.5 °C.

This therapeutic water starts its journey with rainwater gathered in the depths of Mount Amiata and it takes 40 years for each drop to be distilled, protected from external contamination by a 60 metres tall clay wall. It grows richer in precious mineral salts and gas, reappearing outside only into the huge natural pool of Saturnia thermal baths, with a stunning flow of 800 litres/second, allowing constant water replacement for microbiological safety. Dark and miraculous algae come up from the bottom of the crater. They are called Bioglea algae and provide this water with beneficial effects.

While plunging in the pool for almost 20 minutes, pampering my body, I tried to collect some algae and rub them on my skin. I immediately observed a reaction, even on my face, which suddenly looks smoother, toned, detoxified, and drained. A true elixir! Saturnia thermal baths are unique thanks to this magic and special thermal spring with exceptional sulphurous, sulphate, and bicarbonate characteristics.

This therapeutical spring water can be used for plunging or drinking, provides health and beauty, treats several disorders pertaining to skin, circulation, breathing, and bone and joint, purifies the liver and has antioxidant effects. It is advised to avoid diving right after meals, yet to take a bath every hour for max 20 minutes, so as not to inhale excessive carbon dioxide.

The resort was built on an ancient travertine stone country mansion, with a stunning Roman bath including a Turkish bath, sauna, whirlpools, waterfalls, and a heavenly Spa. This dreamy location is extremely refined, elegant, and peaceful. All personnel are helpful and focus on clients. The experience around and about hot mineral spring at SATURNIA THERMAL BATHS, where you can restore yourself in the circular and hot volcanic crater, is more beneficial than a floating cosmic journey through Saturn’s concentric rings. This truly is wellness!

(Raphaella Dallarda – INSPATIMEBLOG)


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