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During the summer, sensitive skin needs more attention and to be protected from the sun in an effective and loving way. For a correct photo-exposure to my skin phototype, very clear, vulnerable and hypersensitive, more than a baby, this summertime I chose the new solar line ilSole e Solaire by Arval, the Swiss cosmetic company, with an Italian heart . In addition to products with high protection and last generation solar filters of the brand, that I liked them a lot in the past summers, this year I also tested the new Soothing Hydrating Face-Body Sun Water, recommended for Her and Him . I liked it from the first application, because it’s a cool liquid to vaporize, based on pure water from the Swiss Glacier, naturally rich in essential mineral salts, which has been very effective as a solar anti-erythema prevention, which I sometimes suffer on the chest and as prevention of burns and stains, having adopted it in combination with the screen. Its special composition, consisting of a concentrated mix of active elements, Floral Water of Cornflower, Aloe Vera gel, with multiple beneficial properties to sooth and refresh, it has helped to calm the effects of redness caused by solar radiation, in the evening, after showering.
I discovered that it’s an excellent source of natural hydration for the face and body, perfect for quenching the skin during sun exposure. A gesture of pure freshness that helps relieve the feeling of warmth and give quick relief. The result was: skin moisturized, refreshed and delicately scented, with a texture that I really appreciated because it has a dry touch, not oily at all and it’s pleasant to vaporize. After the shower, I applied the Light Cell Defence Cream, from Arval Sensilia Line, specifically designed to strenghten the repairing and protective barrier functions for hyper-reactive and sensitive skin. Obviously, I prepared myself in the sun with three precautions: I started to take in May the supplement of Astaxanthin, a carotenoid of red-violet color, to stimulate antioxidant defenses, protection from UV rays and anti-inflammatory properties; I have increased the hydration of the skin, drinking a lot and applying appropriate products; finally, I used a natural scrub I made at home, 15 days before, based on organic cane sugar, coffee powder and bicarbonate, to remove the layer of dead cells and avoid the unpleasant desquamations. Because the skin breathes and lives and needs care for its health and beauty, especially under the sun, better if with love!


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