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We are used to think of the Spa as a physical, stable place in space.

Obviously, this is upset if we talk about an air flight.

Since, for some time, even at high altitude, on an airplane that carries almost 500 passengers the last indulgence is to have a Spa available, with all the comforts and attentions of the case.

It’s a unique experience that you would expect on a princely private jet, just for a few!

And yet, I can guarantee that, wherever they lead your desires, indulging in relax in a personal Suite all by yourself, allowing youself a 40,000-foot Shower-Spa, large and comfortable. aboard the futuristic A380, Emirates and flying on the wave of inspiration in First Class, makes a certain impression!

After all, at the end of a long journey, there’s nothing better than arriving well relaxed and perfumed with clean, for the new day.

There are two Showers-Spa, in each First Class area of the aircraft and you have to make an appointment before using it, since you have 20-25 minutes to allow the two Spa Assistants to clean and update each suite completely, before entering the next passenger.

The floor of the shower is heated, to set the feet and this already allows to realize that it is an unusual feeling, in a normal bathroom!

All Bulgari designer cosmetic samples come from the Timeless Spa in the Emirates Airport Lounge area; they have a wide selection of shampoo, conditioner, dental kit, skin care products and disposable razors.

The time available for 5 minutes for the running water of the shower is signaled by an indicator on the wall and can be interrupted by pressing a button to pause the flow, especially if, washing your hair, you do not want to stay without water .

The Lounge ambience that anticipates the Shower Spa is tuned on wellness style, thanks to soft lighting, orchids, aromas or herbal teas.

During the long hours in flight, at high altitudes, it’s important to adopt small measures to avoid accumulating tireness even on the skin and mucous membranes.

It’s essential to drink liters of still water, adding a few drops of travel liquid oxygen, like the one I use, the O2spabar, dedicating yourself to pampering-beauty between meals, a film, a nap, or a good book, applying frequently and generously a very moisturizing cream, even on hands, neck and décolleté.

The greatest luxury today is to rest deeply and well.

Emirates has studied zero gravity seats, inspired by NASA technology, which make the flight extremely restful.

Now the stress from flight and jet-lag is only a memory of the past.

Finally the time has come for the Shower Spa, with privacy, for a healthy well-being, that immediately puts on, waiting to take off again, more regenerated than before!

And if the Spa in the air has not granted the expected benefits, you can always remedy in a targeted Jet-Lag Recovery ritual, in the Spas at the airport, after landing, since they are proliferating now all over the world!

Raphaella Dallarda (INSPATIMEBLOG)


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