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Those born and grew up in the shadow of the Duomo Madonnina statue, like me, feels a visceral affection for the “Milanesity” of the city of Milan, a metropolis that offers stimulations, vibrations and well-living and, for some years, it has also “a tram in Wellness“, in a unique location, at QC Terme Milano. In this thermal oasis, in the urban heart, the world’s first bio-sauna was created, inside a traditional Carelli tram-cabin, now disused and scraped, internally lined and completely covered with wood, faithfully restored with the approval of the Superintendency of the Architectural Heritage and located in the grass of the ex ATM tram depot. You climb from the back door, in the command post is missing the historic “handcuff” and in the center of the car houses a huge brazier, where, at the sound of the bell, come out jets of steam at 70 degrees, with 35% humidity, flavored with vanilla, honey or biscuits.
Although the Milanese fog is increasingly rare, these Baths, so strongly inspired by the Baths of the Romans, can be appreciated even in the foggy month of November or in a winter evening, as they are located on the illuminated remains of the imposing Spanish walls of Roman Arch, since November 2007 , in authentic “salus per aquam” style of ancient Rome. And as the Milanese dialect recalls, in this city “Milaneses are full of life and stay never with their hands in hand doing nothing”, the Baths of Milan are a valid opportunity, even without working, to leave the traffic for a few hours or escape in a special moment for themselves or share magical rituals with friends or in couple. I returned recently there and I confess that, staying immersed in hydromineral baths, hot and steaming, outdoors, in a real “under water museum“, that is, an outdoor pool inside authentic archaeological excavations, is a very precious gift to recover physical well-being and regenerate the spirit. You can then reinvigorate yourself in multi-sensory paths, including waterfalls, whirlpools with underwater music, chromotherapy and hammam, or cover the body withmud or bicarbonate wrap, purifying and then draining into the salt room, through Halotherapy. Total rest in a bathrobe, even in the path of thematic relaxation-rooms, is satisfied by a rich healthy buffet, in the dining room, which offers a wide healthy and organic choice, because the lightness to be sought is the inner one, from the Wellness Lunch, to the Aperiterme, signed by the starred chef Davide Oldani, in an encounter between taste and wellness.
This is the dream-project of the brothers Andrea and Saverio Quadrio Curzio, who since 1982 have started from the first QC Terme di Bormio center, up to the current constellation of eight wellness centers between Pré Saint Didier, Turin, Rome, S Pellegrino and very soon also in New York City. The Spa in Milan was born from the idea of bringing a real wellness center in the city, even for those who had only a few hours of time or as a thought-gift, thanks to Christmas or special vouchers, which recorded an amazing success among customers. At QC Terme Milano you can be reborn with water, in body and spirit and the aphorism is in force “in life, as on the trams, when you sit down is the arrival”, especially if “the tram called Desiderio” is a bio -sauna, in Wellness! Raphaella Dallarda (INSPATIMEBLOG)


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