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From the depths of its roots to the tops of its trees, South Africa offers a wealth of natural, pristine ingredients, with a proud healing power and provides the highest quality of extracts of cold-pressed oils with a high content of antioxidants, minerals, omega and polyphenols. These active concentrates are contained in the scientific cosmeceutical product line of the South African company ENVIRON, a pioneer in the use of intense and effective dosages of vitamin A, essential for skin health and main antioxidants, already present in the skin, such as vitamins C , E and B5, alpha lipoic acid, beta-carotene, which counteract the effects produced by daily free radicals. Here are the secrets to a perfect skin, on a scientific basis, because these products have been formulated to fight and help the skin to defend itself against the harmful effects caused by strong climate changes, such as pollution, the continuous increase in solar radiation, due to reduction of the protective layer of ozone, the stress of social and work life and a diet lacking in precious vitamins. Dr. Des Fernandes, famous world-renowned South African plastic surgeon, has been a forerunner in the last twenty years of the effective use of vitamin A, the “skin vitamin”, in the form of esters (Retinyl Palmitate and Acetate), in the maximum concentrations allowed for a cosmetic product and according to the gradual and progressive “step-up” system. Very often vitamin A is seen as an enemy of the skin, because it is presented in certain products in the form of Retinoic Acid, which has photo-sensitizing characteristics and therefore harmful to the skin. Associated with this vitamin, it has been studied the use of high-dose vitamin C, which is an important element for the formation of collagen and therefore represents an effective ally against the visible effects of aging and reduction of pigmentation spots.
At the Skin Care Institute in Cape Town, Environ tried to create the most effective system possible in the treatment of the epidermis; in particular, “Fulela” & “Renaissance” are specialized institutes where clinical studies and constant research training are carried out. Environ creams are found on the Italian market and are distributed solely by ESTETEAM S.r.l. Milan and are more and more frequently prescribed by Dermatologists or Cosmetic Plastic Surgeons; they are suitable for all skin types, at any age, for men and women and contain single filters sunscreens based on inorganic photo-reflecting substances, as, in addition to not irritating the skin, they are not absorbed by the latter and therefore do not cause long-term complications. I tried a fantastic facial treatment, with this Cosmetic, in the Dermocosmetic space, of the historic Brera’s Antique Pharmacy, the most ancient in Milan, by Dr. Stefano Danesi, thanks to the expert therapist Adela, who, after cleansing and a special peeling, made me test the Ionzyme DF II Machine, a patented equipment created by Dr. Des Fernandes to obtain the best results in the absorption of the most effective active vitamins of 4000%, thanks to iontophoresis and sonophoresis, with the use of electric current which facilitates the absorption of products into the skin. With traditional iontophoresis the changes are much slower, while with the Ionzyme DF II Machine the skin rejuvenation will be visible after just a few treatments; sonophoresis uses sound waves that carry the molecules of vitamins into the skin, allowing greater absorption than conventional ultrasounds.

In addition, I tried the Cosmetic Roll-CitTM, an instrument that acts safely with micro-needles on the horny layer of the epidermis, thus allowing vitamins to be absorbed deeper and in concentrations 10,000 times more effective, for the production natural collagen.

This technique was developed by Dr. Des Fernades in 1997 and although research has progressed in recent years, it’s still considered revolutionary today!

I confess that I have been applying the complete Essence line for more than a month and I have found all the excellent products and a renewed and luminous skin, as well as being more relaxed and toned.

Moreover, in agreement with the alchemists of 1600 and Paracelsus, “As above, so below, as inside, so outside, as the Universe, so the Soul”, to preserve health and integrity of body and soul, it’s fundamental the synergistic action between internal food supplementation and constant daily and external specific cares.

Environ has studied the miracle of beauty, through the combination of Nature and Science, in particular between the two friends: AETHERN and ENVIRON SKINCARES.

Aethern are vials to drink, containing a miraculous potion of hyaluronic acid, bioactive Collagen peptides, pure Astaxanthin, Bamboo extract and vitamins and minerals, which help to preserve a youthful, hydrated and bright skin.

Because Environ knows it: owning the secrets of perfect and healthy skin, for the rest of your life, it’s no longer an illusion!

Raphaella Dallarda (INSPATIMEBLOG)


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