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Those who were born for golf always keep themselves an evergreen! The lovers of the green path, through the play of golf and the contact with nature, are increasingly on the rise and this is because the camps are located in the most beautiful places in the world and this passion allows you to evade the mind and stay focused on your personal challenges. We live in a world of colors, which are forms of energy, active on all levels of the individual’s being: physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. Colors and light have an effect on sight, but also on the psyche, on emotions, on the skin; moreover, the chromatic gradation is very important in the general equilibrium of nature, in particular, in the plant world, the cycles of the seasons are marked by the transformations of colors and the green is linked to the concentration of chlorophyll, involved in chlorophyll photosynthesis. Green is the color of nature, balance, health and life. It promotes the general well-being of the organism, increasing its vitality. In the light spectrum, it’s placed exactly in the middle, between the cold and warm colors and plays a synthesis function. In the fall season, this substance depletes its role and disappears, giving the change to the pigments of carotenoids, from yellow to red. Being in the green and in contact with the calm green color, relaxes, refreshes, tones, pacifies the senses, improves the level of anxiety and stress, the depressive state, headaches and insomnia and digestive dysfunctions. The world of golf increasingly embraces that of Wellness Centers and Spas, precisely because the camps are built in the most exclusive and natural landscape settings.
So, even on the green, does not end the desire to take care of yourself and to live in wellness, through these 5 benefits: 1) taking long walks outdoors allows you to receive an appropriate amount of sunlight, even in cold seasons, so as to counteract depression, “graying” and skin oxygenation. 2) practice exercise and movement, walking, of average, for 10 km, in contact with nature, on the green, reduces cholesterol and weight, oxygenates, tones, trains the cardiovascular system, accelerates the metabolism and prevents osteoporosis. 3) immerse yourself in the elements of nature, including trees, sand, water, earth, air, wood, metal, rebalances the fourth Chakra, in green color, which is the center of the heart and fights stress, headache and insomnia. 4) undress all sides of your instinct and character, since one never knows the secret formula in golf, allows you to recover a spontaneous, instinctive and more authentic attitude towards life. 5) develop precision and concentration, during camp practice, prevents the health of brain activity from the damage of Alzheimer’s, since golf is a play that requires 70% concentration. So, pulling a drive, hitting an iron or a wood, setting an instinctive swing, reaching an appropriate score, learning to study their rival or immersing yourself in contact with the beauty of nature develops the psychophysical balance and a more aware of respect for your health and the environment. (Raphaella Dallarda – INSPATIMEBLOG)


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