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Ayurveda is the first medical discipline, that appeared on our planet. Many historians agree that this discipline is at least 6000 years old. Ayurveda is the Science of Life, a holistic discipline, which deals not only with medicine and diseases, but every aspect of existence, because it’s strongly focused on prevention and on socio-moral behaviors, placing the emphasis on special rules of life and nutrition. Aging processes, stress, allergies and psychosomatic disorders are hot topics in our era. Ayurveda prescribes regular programs, suggesting changes in lifestyle, according to the time and the seasons and more and more believers, in different parts of the world, follow the basic principles of this discipline, in order to achieve a happier, serene and long-lived existence. In Ayurveda, health is considered a positive value. The ancient Rishi Sushruta (1500 b.C.) defined the healthy individual the one whose DOSHA, the metabolic principles: VATA, PITTA and KAPHA, are in equilibrium, the digestion is good, the tissues work normally, the excretory activities are regular and mind, spirit and senses always remain full of bliss. To maintain oneself in the best condition of health, one must observe a healthy daily routine, in harmony with one’s own constitution, resulting from exercise, inner detoxification, called PANCHAKARMA and from the application of the discipline itself. Diet is important, as are practices: observance of ethics (yama and niyama), asanas, breathing exercises (pranayama), techniques of internalization (pratyahara), concentration (dharana), meditation (dhyana), relaxation (yoganidra) and those spiritual practices that can create harmony and happiness.
An important aspect of this medicine is the Ayurvedic massage, in its various types, which improves quality of life and mood, relaxing and inducing sleep and it’s excellent for the skin and all tissues. I’ve been to India twice: the first, on a fascinating cultural journey, amidst the glories of the past and the imperial residences in the lands of the Maharajas, ending my days of relaxation in a stay of true well-being in a Medical-Spa, in Kerala, South of India, where I tried the best SHIRODHARA treatment ever experienced until then, now widespread throughout the world, which is a complete ayurvedic massage and, through a special tool, oil or other liquids are poured on the head, to a certain temperature kept constant, to combat stress, insomnia, headaches, anxiety, depression, loss of concentration, psycho-somatic problems, hair loss, but also to slow down their premature graying. A center, where I then found the same atmosphere, technique and professionalism, in Italy, it’s the “7th Chakra” of Ilaria Gemma, a Naturopath and Ayurvedic Therapist, in Sesto S Giovanni. Ayurveda pays close attention to the soft ambience where massage is performed, which must be warm, welcoming and fragrant. The second time, I was in India, I had a less comfortable experience, but I tried a true spiritual-detox retreat, 100% in Ayurvedic style, within a group of about thirty people, organized by the American shamanic site “Goldenhummingbird“, thanks to Foster Perry and Kristos Tsompanelis, Masters of spirituality who create sartorial journeys of deep healing, in highly energetic and spiritual places, leaning on local healers.
The main daily procedure of purification of the body, which I will never forget, through various methods of elimination of toxins and pollutants, is called Panchakarma, which in Sanskrit means “five-actions“: vomiting, scouring, enema, cleansing of nasal cavity, eyepiece and acoustics and blood purification therapy. I let you imagine the “almost traumatic” experience of all the morning ablutions, “in common”, within a company of about thirty people, after an hour and a half of meditation and yoga, with the greeting session at sun at dawn and after a strict personalized diet, corresponding to the individual type of constitution, prescribed by Ayurvedic Physicians, for about twenty days. Every “adventure” companion like me has lost weight from 3-4 kg upwards. I am still deeply grateful to Dr. Lakshman Palle, expert on remedies, evolutionary pathways and yoga, which has made the other part of Ayurvedic mental detoxification, from liberation from inner conflicts, to traumas with the past, much more effective and less cruel and to stressful personal themes. The experience that I really enjoyed in those days of “abstinence” was the Abhyanga massage, a true art of Ayurvedic manual treatment, which gives many benefits, like delaying aging, adding years to life and life to the years, detoxifying , soothe the pains of the body, increase the visual ability, increase the body’s resistance and immunity and optimize the lympho-glandular system. India is one of those lands still active, where everything seems still sacred, and involving, from the colors of women’s saris, to the smiles of children, especially from the emotional point of view, because it awakens the passion and manages to bring out the unexpressed energy, transforming it into love at all levels. The ancient discipline of life Ayurveda, in particular, in India, still allows us to use all the 5 senses and to get dressed in the kindness of the Hindu people who seem to have forgotten the time. (Raphaella Dallarda – INSPATIMEBLOG)


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