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Destination wellness? Here it is, the next thermal temptation in Iceland

Holidays are almost over. They leave the fantasy of dreaming of our next destination, in the name of wellness, of course. What about the alluring thermal temptation of the natural geothermal Blue Lagoon Spa in Iceland?   I have just seized this opportunity and I can guarantee that it has been a restoring and amazing experience! Icelanders have a real cult about their island’s salty water, so that they created natural salty oasis of mineral sea water, purified and transported close to the ocean or inland, in a surreal lunar landscape made of black lava, craters and holes. In this land, it is very easy to find isolated lagoons, naturally heated by geysers, where you can indulge yourself with beneficial water springing from the bowels of the Earth, because over the millennia this region has gradually been shaped by recurring volcanic eruptions and seismic activity. The most stunning oasis is the “Blue Lagoon” centre, 40 km away from Reykjavik, and it is built on a recreated underground salty lake. It is one of Europe’s mineral natural treasures and in winter you can plunge in 39 °C sulphurous water surrounded by snow and white glaciers furrowed by black lava.
This precious water, milky light blue coloured as the sky, is full of specific microorganisms, such as Cyanobacteria algae, with interesting healing cosmetic properties and minerals, such as white silicon and sulphur, which restore the skin, making it softer and brighter. It is a geothermal heaven included among the 25 wonders of the world! It was discovered in the early 80s on a volcanic rock crater developed 800 years ago. After several works and projects, it now features a clinic for psoriasis treatments, the Hotel Silica, the Lagoon bar and the Lava restaurant offering creative Nordic cuisine.

I was amazed to notice how beneficial it is to plunge in the hot surrounded by natural steam and enjoying a milky white silicon mask offered by the facility. This is a healthy and restoring way to free you from mental stress and skin impurities.

The only drawback is that it can be a little crowded. I went there at the opening time, at 8 in the morning, and I spent a few hours there. Besides the natural pool containing six million litres of thermal water that is replaced every 40 hours thanks to a plant nearby, the centre offers saunas, Turkish baths, and several wellness treatments, such as silicate muds for oily skin, salt and mineral scrubs, and massages, including the stunning water-massage, i.e., a relaxing massage performed while floating. Moreover, Blue Lagoon’s cosmetic product line can be purchased in the boutique or online. I found interesting three masks: a white silica mask, a black lava mask, and a green algae mask. This experience is absolutely priceless: you can relax in warm water, in a natural hollow surrounded by extremely dark lava rocks. No doubt you will go back home totally restored and your skin will be softer than a child’s. Unfortunately, a trip to Iceland is now very expensive and the Nordic climate isn’t an incentive, but Icelanders, thanks to their expertise and creativity, have created a design and wellness Spa that reminds one of the Mediterranean Sea than the North Atlantic Ocean.


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