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How much do we really help people every day? Well, it is proven that if sometimes you forget about yourself and do some good to others, you can feel good, as long as you do it with love. Martina Colombari, wellness, beauty and health testimonial, at Mondadori Store, during the event “Wellness is…contagious, from us to others, through meditation, yoga and healing arts”, talked about her experience as godmother, testimonial, ambassador and volunteer for Francesca Rava Foundation – N.P.H. Italia Onlus. During her trips to Haiti, Martina experienced a deeper sense of wholeness and global wellness, thanks to selflessness psychology, that nourished her inner part. She shared her experience with the audience and delivered a selfless message: do not care for how much you can donate; what matters is the intention of love by which you donate.
With less than the amount we spend for a coffee, you can start a long-distance adoption of a child for one year, providing him with instruction, food, and medical care. You can also turn to a pharmacy, thanks to the project “Pharmacy for children”, and purchase baby-care products, shampoos, drugs, food, and powdered milk and you can give these products to the volunteers of Francesca Rava Foundation. They will donate the products to national organizations like Italian children’s homes, or international organizations like San Damian Hospital, existing in the whole Caribbean area, especially in Haiti. The distrust that might result from the little clarity of thousands of charity associations that raise money or the fear of not having enough time to devote to charity should not discourage people from contributing in favour of a little help, in terms of money or presence. “If you want to do it, you probably can”, says Martina. Much optimism and hope are needed to open our hearts, because there are many people in need. Almost 70,000 people were evacuated and 1,000 people died due to the latest hurricane. This resulted in a serious lack of crops, gardens, livestock, drinkable water, electricity, and low hygienic conditions that facilitate the diffusion of diseases and cholera, bringing the population to their knees. Volunteers like Martina arrive after an earthquake and aim to help life start over. Also Carol Brumer, volunteer of the same Foundation and Founder of City-Zen in Milan, made life start again by creating a peaceful oasis in the city, to provide a key for ancient and modern instruments aiming at the achievement of inner peace and at raising money to devote to those in need. Carol talked about her beautiful history of awareness of a new balance that she acquired thanks to holistic arts and the desire to help others. She created the first “social” wellness centre in town, offering classes for yoga, Pilates, meditation and bio-natural disciplines. 100% of turnover is devoted to Francesca Rava Foundation – N.P.H. Italia Onlus, with a totally non-profit commitment. Tyler Micocci, Art Director and Technician of City Zen and mind&body Coach, described in detail all the activities offered by this holistic reality. He also pointed out that this project aims to bring wellness beyond the yoga mattress, both in Milan and anywhere else. Mariavittoria Rava, President of Francesca Rava Foundation – N.P.H. Italia Onlus, introduced the mission of the Foundation and explained how it is supported by the volunteers including Martina Colombari and Carol Brumer and other professional personnel and facilities, such as doctors, teachers, companies, public and private institutions and with the new City Zen’s “Social Business”.

Wellness works in mysterious ways. You can achieve it through yoga and meditation but also with selflessness and charity, by investing time, emotions, energy and donations to those who have not been lucky, because doing good to others improve our health and longevity and is part of our human nature.


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