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Gwyneth Paltrow and her new sustainable luxury of wellness and beauty.

My incredible experience at the Wellness Summit “In Goop Health“, in London, has ended; it was organized by Gwyneth Paltrow, now a priestess of the “new religion” called Wellness and since 2008 she has launched the Goop site, a neologism created by acronym of the initials of her own name and surname and the more existing suffix in the network, of the word google, which literally means “slightly liquid and sticky substance”. The ex Californian actress, awarded on the night of the Oscars, 20 years ago, has spread stardust along her way so that, from the initial weekly newsletter on the inner aspects’ nourishment, in ten years has become a real company of wellness e-commerce. The success has been guaranteed by the opening of stores, specializing in the sale of remedies or alternative medicine products, such as the famous vaginal jade eggs, the “cleaners” mushrooms, the bio-frequency patches, eco-green clothes, eco-friendly cosmetics, in collaboration with other fashion brands, as well as offering advises on smoothies with vitamin protocols, fumigations, colon cleansing, detox methods or meetings with shaman healers, walks in the woods or vegan transplants feces from healthy donors, for the implantation of colonies of good bacteria, in another intestine! The wellness business woman has founded a revolutionary industry with 5 zeroes, which is not based on the market of proibitive and Michelin starred luxury products, but on a more conscious and ethical reality, suitable for women, thanks to the launch of seminars of personal growth for a weekend, in cities like LA, NY, Vancouver or London, with the presence of Celebrities, to witness the achieved benefits, where the female world feels good. Today, true luxury is sustainable, respects people and the environment and is no longer going to Polynesia or having access to some high-end limited edition goods, perhaps for rent, but the new status symbol is personal care and the time dedicated to the own well-being. Today, the real wealthy people are those who optimize the functionality of healthy organs, which guarantee more oxygen to their cells, which get super-foods, which breathe more healthily, calming the mind, for the benefit of the spirit. Wellness and beauty are the new luxury goods, focused on quality and not quantity, only if they are truly sustainable on the social and environmental impact, especially for the new generations, more sensitive and attentive to these issues. The event took place at the “Re:Center” sanctuary of harmony, along the Thames, at the Hammersmith bridge, where different Studios had been set up, for the Body, Beauty or Energy sessions, the food & beverages corners, the selling and testing cosmetics boutique, also of supplements, clothes and books and a large Chat Room, where the Authors’ speaches were organized, all presented by the splendid Gwyneth and her collaborator, Elise Loehnen. To welcome each guest, resting on each seat, a “Lilliputian” crystal rock was placed to help keeping the feet on the ground, alongside a kit, received by the accreditations at the entrance, with everything necessary for the day, before the Opening Ceremony, thanks to a profound moment of community meditation and breathing, with Stuart Sandeman, a british breath-Expert. The day’s program had been partly customized via e-mail, after choosing between different options, including a Body session, or a Beauty or an Energy one, in small groups.
In the breaks, at breakfast or at lunch, they set rich gourmet areas, sponsored by Farmacy Kitchen and Farm Girl, with 100% vegan dishes and snacks and organic drinks, to enjoy, socialize or be tempted by fate, fishing inspirational phrases from a glass bubble. ° I had high expectations on the fitness session with the American guru Tracy Anderson and her @tracyanderson method and I was very satisfied with the epic training, a mix of total body, dance and mat activity, and her nutritional advice, I learned that, to lose weight, you shouldn’t deprive yourself of food, but satisfy your appetite, occasionally giving a food renard to yourself, drinking good protein powder, shaking coconut water after physical activity, to energize and rehydrate and nourish yourself even raw foods, to preserve active enzymes. ° Among the Speakers, I really appreciated the Psychotherapist Barry Michels who taught how to dissolve negativities and turn them into personal growth of success, through the own tools, such as courage, creativity and willpower. ° During the conference of Dr. Bruno Ribeiro, Head of Cognitive Development and Brain Stimulation Unit at the SHA Wellness Clinic, which I had personally met two years ago, during my stay at the medical-spa in Alicante, I learned that , to live longer, in health and well-being, it’s important to apply new technologies to cognitive functions and increase the immune and metabolic system, cleaning well the inner system and detoxifying from toxic residues’ abuse, abolishing cortisone, to obtain a better body, system through life-long integration of probiotics, daily movement, meditation or rest of mind, and mainly healthy nutrition and vitamin D supplementation.
° Dr. Nigma Talib, Naturopath, beautician and holistic health authority, has become my point of reference on the anti-aging theme because the reversing aging is possible, for her so like the secret of everything starts from our gut, considering it as the second brain! Eating too many wrong foods is bad for digestion and, what is worse, is that it shows up on the face as wrinkles, imperfections, bags and more. Fortunately, by identifying and eliminating the triggers of skin aging, we can simultaneously heal our intestines, stop the aging process of digestion and reverse the negative effects on the skin, with a 4-week program, to identify and eliminate key points of cellular inflammation, which are gluten, wine, milk and sugar, kept in the new book “Younger Skin Starts in the Gut”, which provides a complete regimen to ensure a beautiful glowing skin, balancing the hormones, preventing inflammation, maintaining a well-regulated digestion, even in pre-menopause. Since the hormones have a fundamental role on the health and beauty of the skin, because they are messengers and carry important information, we must always measure them in saliva, blood, urine and DNA, to find the proper diet. ° Illuminating, then, was the speach of the international talented journalist Johann Hari, interviewed by Elise Loehnen, on what causes depression, anxiety, loneliness, stress and what supports the mental health and mood, based on the profound experiences he discovered along his career path.

As a child, you can’t change the environment you live in or move or force someone to stop hurting you. Then, you have two choices: admit to yourself that you are powerless and that, at any moment, they can hurt you, without you being able to react; or convince yourself it’s your fault. If you do, you gain some power, at least in your mind, thinking you can do something to change the situation. You are not a shaked ball in a pinball machine; you are the one controlling the pinball machine and your hands are holding the dangerous levers. Thus, blaming yourself for the childhood trauma experienced protects you from admitting your own vulnerability and you can become the powerful one. If the fault is yours, then, for some strange reason, you are in control of the situation. It’s not the trauma that creates negative thoughts, but it’s the shame of the trauma that creates depression. A valid help is to take care of your inner child, do not give up, even if you feel down and ask for help from human contacts, so as not to feel the sense of loneliness. ° The energy healing session, with the crystal sound bells, the sacred sounds of the universe and other chakra sonic instruments was magical and immersive, led by Jasmin Harsono, Reiki Master and her “three diamond breath” breathing technique . The Sound, the Vibrations and certain Frequencies allow to make journeys that seem like dreams and dreams that are definitely journeys, especially if you live in a sacred place of peace, where you can personally experience the sounds of our inner frequencies.

° Fascinating was the lesson of beauty, with the expert of the facial, Anastasia Achilleos, a world genius of celebrity skin, to obtain healthy and brilliant skin, through innovative transformation techniques for the modeling of the face, the lifting of the eyes and the emptying of tissues, so as to change the way to use the cosmetic products, to take care of your skin, forever. Looking at Anastasia at work, in that live facial dance lesson, I learned a sort of revolution on my skin, thanks to a transformative and preventive muscle-facial massage and secrets, to get the most benefits from my skin routine. ° The icon of beauty of the daytime was the British ex model and actress, 70s, Twiggy, who witnessed how she lived her femininity and transformation as a woman, in her professional and personal life and how she founded her fashion, art and charity brand business, in UK, America and Japan. ° Saturday ended with a special guest, Penelope Cruz, who confided to the audience about the luck to be a mother and told how the health and beauty industry and the way to respect the biological times of pregnancy and post-partum, in recent years. Penelope spoke of her personal experience of the two pregnancies, lived in a completely different way, in less than two years: the first, of her son Leonardo, was in Hollywood style, according to which a celebrity is conditioned by the rigid rules of the image, of the appearance and to wear high heels on the day of dismiss from the hospital, showing perfectly fit and denying the evidence of pregnancy, until the baby bump explodes.

For the second pregnancy, of the small Luna, she was allowed the luxury of closing privately in the hospital room, for 3 days after giving birth, with her husband and first child, enjoying the privilege of being a mother, of respecting her own natural rhythms and breastfeed her daughter, far from the paparazzi. ° Sunday at 1.30 pm, instead, I had booked the private meeting at the session on the Fertility myths, with Zita West, founder of the Fertility Clinic in Marylebone, London, who taught many secrets to stimulate and preserve the quality of the female eggs, such as the power of very fresh beetroot juice, rich in resveratrol, or male spermatozoas, as in the non-alcoholic Virgin Bloody-Mary cocktail, with Tabasco and tomato juice, rich in lycopeme that protects the sperm. At the exit, I received an enormous free gift bag, with numerous and very precious gadgets and gifts, all in well-being, beauty and health style. The London weekend InGoopHealth Summit was a very formative and stimulating experience, for me, at the side of Gwyneth Paltrow and the most international talents of well-living. Thanks to Gwyneth, for her wellness company and congratulations to for the healthy revolution and awareness that it’s bringing to the world!


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