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We have reached the Era of Spas and Wellness Centers. Those who have not experienced a Wellness situation yet, in this sense, might think…”What a bore and hard work the Spa Life, as in the Life of a Star!”. Spending hours between pampering, massages, muds, water-jets, saunas, bathrobes, candles, herbal teas and relaxation is a privileged luxury for mind-body and “pleasure of the otium“. We must also have a certain “predisposition” to let the mind go. The acronym SPA, comes from the Latin and, for at least once not from the Anglo-Saxon language, means “Salus Per Aquam“, that is the “health through the water”, so famous in past ages and now back in vogue. The “Spa Life” has always been, among other things, my dream in the drawer. A Wellness Center that makes me feel at home every time I return is Villa Eden, a paradisiacal Medical-Spa in the jewel-town of Merano. Flagship is an excellent staff of real professionals in the medical-aesthetic and holistic field, who want your own good. Venus of this Eden is Angelika Schmid, the owner, elegant, discreet and hospitable, who during the last stay, has revealed to me the 5 secrets of wellbeing on which the philosophy of the house rests: – the synergy between a correct and healthy eating, learning to feed in a balanced way; – expertise in the medical sector; – a twenty-year experience in the field of aesthetics; – cosmetics and – the human dimension of the place that allows you to follow the guests individually.
The treatment for me miraculous is the “body-facial-cocoon“, a highly effective and magical occlusive treatment against cellulite, fat and slow metabolism, in conjunction with a prodigious facial that transforms the face. A real metamorphosis! Miss Simpaty is the Head of PR, Irmi, which is “Mary Poppins of adults”: witty, eclectic and stimulating, for leasure time. The Nutrition is scientifically detoxifying and restrictive, but not punitive. The atmosphere is enchanting, private and familiar. Now how could you transform a Star Life experience in a beautiful 5-stars place, into a “home & do-it-yourself “ Spa Life? Choose a day, “orphan by family and commitments”. Equipped yourself with the necessary tools: bathrobe for 24 hours, herbal teas, candles, Dead Sea salt and sodium bicarbonate, essential oils of rosemary, orange and lavender, supermarket mud, transparent film, shea butter, relaxing music, fruit, vegetables – also in extracted juice – organic cereals and mixed seeds – sesame, pumpkin, sunflower, flax, chia and hemp.
Program: when you wake up, go to the East and say goodbye to the sun, thanking for the gift of life; prepare 2 liters of purifying herbal tea to drink during the day and drink lots of water, with lemon juice and apple vinegar; soak for 20 min in a tub full of salt and drops of rosemary oil (be careful to clean the tub, as the residues may stain it indelibly); make a light natural scrub on the whole body with coffee powder, organic cane sugar and sodium bicarbonate; spread the mud on the body, then covering with film and make a deep cleansing of face-neck with pure shea butter, to rinse with warm water, in addition to 1 drop of lavender oil and orange on the “third eye” with hour movements . Spend the whole day relaxing, resting, listening to good music, yoga exercises or gentle movement, reading a good book and natural and light diet, without salt, sugar, alcohol, yeast and seasonings. Before going to sleep, take a foot bath with bicarbonate and take a natural laxative. Recreating the atmosphere of a wellness center, in the home-sweet-home, indulging in the pleasure of idleness, pampering yourself in familiar perfumes, appreciating rituals in your own space, abandoning the thoughts of the “wallet”,…it’s priceless, because sometimes it’s enough using your creativity to transform the Spa Life in the Star Life! (Raphaella Dallarda – INSPATIMEBLOG)


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