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On Thursday 18 May, a conference was held at Mondadori Duomo store, to introduce the new book edited by Sperling & Kupfer entitled “Six Months to Change the World”, authored by the nutritionist PIERRE DUKAN. I learned that a diet with little sugar can ensure future wellness even for children.

The interview with Dr Dukan revealed that the diet that he has prescribed for over 40 years results into quick loss of weight without side effects or consequences on health. On the contrary, the Dukan diet encourages the patient to continue because it offers an immediate reward, thanks to the loss of 3kg within one week. What is of utmost concern nowadays is that every second in the world a man or a woman dies because of diabetes or obesity. Generally speaking, being on a diet is not a piece of cake but a struggle. However, if you don’t want to reduce your lifetime by 10 years like an obese person, you need to take the struggle out of a diet when you are in your 30s, 40s, and 50s, because true health means that you find yourself beautiful, slim, and in good shape. The doctor highlighted that commercial criticism on the Dukan diet and potential damages to kidneys and liver, are just conjectures created by sugar producers and sellers, who do not approve of efficient sugar-free diets like Atkins, Montagnier, Dukan, and Paleo. No diet is for life! But the most important rule to defeat overweight is reducing drastically all types of sugar. In his new book, the French nutritionist reveals that if you change your diet during pregnancy, you can save your children from being vulnerable to severe diseases like obesity and diabetes, affecting today over two billion people.

So, any woman can affect deeply her child’s health through the food she eats. This has been found in recent epigenetic research involving scientists from all over the world.

We use to say that “all roads lead to Rome”. Similarly, all carbohydrates lead to pancreas. However, there are slow and fast sugars: sugars that use an economy car are not dangerous; those who drive a Maserati are risky, because they make insulin nose up. It is important to reduce (without eliminating) carbohydrates, and balance them with proteins and fats. The first pregnancy trimester ends when the embryo becomes a foetus and his/her pancreas is not involved in the Dukan diet, because it has not developed yet. The fourth and fifth month are a key moment, because pancreas finally enters the scene and into operation, to produce insulin in the foetus. If we go back and eat like our grandmothers did, until the 70s, with natural food that is not packed in bags or boxes, with violent sugars, we won’t make the foetal pancreas vulnerable with a high rate of glucose that would be hard to digest. Over these sixty days pregnant women should reduce the consumption of fruits and eliminate invasive sugars, avoiding white flour, cooked durum wheat pasta, white rice, rice wafers, potatoes, processed fruit juice, white refined sugar, canned corn, cornflakes, dates, raisin, ketchup, ice-creams, alcohol, beers, and sugary drinks. This way they would protect the child they bear from developing metabolic syndrome, overweight, obesity, and diabetes. Moreover, they would feel better and would not put on weight over the 9 months or develop diabetes during pregnancy. During the last four pregnancy months, pancreas is functioning and developed and can secrete insulin. If the mother has been checking up, the child’s organ will be in good health and strong. So, this is a revolutionary nutritional programme for pregnant women to choose the best and right food for their babies, avoiding the epidemic triggered by sugar and the risk of obesity and diabetes, taking control of their future wellness. It is now available on the market the first line of Dukan products, without wheat flour and sugars, with reduced effect on glycaemia, called GLUCO-D, including biscuits, bars, organic oat hulls, and many other products. They slow down sugar absorption and keep cholesterol balanced, protecting against diabetes and overweight. Thanks, Dr Dukan, for having offered the secrets enshrined in an ancient knowledge, so that we can raise future generations who can save the health and wellness of the world! Raphaella Dallarda (INSPATIMEBLOG)


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