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Castel Monastero is a wonderful relais, a few minutes from Siena, where you can breathe the nature of the Tuscan countryside, the desire for inner peace and vitality, between the splendor of the history of the past and the exclusivity of a privileged environment.

To welcome the guest, the magnificent holistic Spa of “remise en forme”, an unmissable opportunity to rediscover the emotions of an escape of well-being all by itself. thanks to slimming, detoxifying and anti-aging programs, with major partnerships, such as Natura Bissè and international professionals in nutrition, aesthetic medicine, acupuncture, osteopathy and relaxation techniques.

The five pillars, on which the well-being of the Castel Monastero Spa rests, are:

1) Thalassotherapy.

“Aquae Monasterii” path, with sea salt swimming pool and very high saline density and concentration of trace elements and magnesium chloride, to promote natural body flotation, deep psychological relaxation and stimulation of endorphin production, such as in the Dead Sea , exclusively studied by the Thalasso of Forte Village medical team and it’s perfect for swelling, water retention and skin or hormonal problems of the woman’s phases.

2) Body care.

Unique is the treatment-card of the holistic Spa, which offers a selected menu of therapies for face and body, such as the Kundalini massage, the Indian head massage, the Berber couple massage or the Bio Kalco Eden.

The treatment that I will never forget is the “Marma Energy Massage”, through the deep stimulation of vital points, according to the techniques of Ayurvedic massage, which can contribute to achieving perfect health.

The Marma, in Sanskrit, are a hundred pressure points, related to those of conjunction of muscles, blood vessels, glands, bones, tendons, ligaments and spirit.

It is a memorable massage that promotes the removal of waste and toxins, regulates the digestive process and intestinal activity, enhances the immune system and sleep quality and it’s performed by the magical therapist Fabiana Marcocci, who, with her uniqueness, puts her heart, head and soul and those splendid American essential oils Do Terra.

3) Nature.

The Castel Monastero Spa is a place of pure wellness, where the attention to detail and the professionalism of the staff create a unique and unmistakable harmony, immersed in the unspoiled nature of the Tuscan countryside, so as to take refuge and listen to the messages that the body sends us .

4) Movement.

Individual sessions of Therapeutic Yoga or Fitness, with an expert Personal Trainer, on request.

5) Nutrition.

Chef Enrico Marmo, together with the medical-nutrition team and the person in charge of the detox program, work in synergy to help the guest to purify the body, even during the changes of season, allowing a moderate weight reduction, solving bad digestion , abdominal bloating, water retention and a feeling of “swelling”, due to intense and irregular life rhythms and poor nutrition.

The relais offers the eno-gastronomic excellence of two restaurants, one typical-Tuscan, in the thirteenth-century cellar of the manor, with an interesting choice of wines, not only local and the other, the “Contrada”, where Chef Enrico Marmo, of Piedmontese origin, has been able to interpret the true flavors of this land, which is a heritage of ideas and products, to represent the most traditional home recipes, up to the great medieval recipe books and to enhance the souls and customs at the table, in the meeting between Piedmontese and Tuscan culture, enhancing the raw materials in the best way, without distorting them.

Unmissable and scenographic, for a sweet tooth like me, the Soufflé piazza Campo of Palio, with hot sugared almonds, pistachios and biscuit powder and vanilla, to the flavor of the typical Tuscan cantucci, to which is added the vin santo diluted with water, to taste , sinking the spoon.

Here, in the ancient elegance of an authentic village, dating back to the 11th century, framed between millennial walls and one of the most beautiful landscapes in Italy, among Chianti vineyards, wheat hills, chestnut forests and long rows of cypresses, you can approach the well-being of body and mind, in a calendar of culture, lyrical concerts and markets of autochthonous products at zero km, in the square with adjacent church, so as to promote a healthy lifestyle, inspired by the “Mediterranean”.

A heartfelt thanks to the Managers of the Relais, Graziella Arba & Enzo Volpintesta, to Francesca Nuvolone, Sales & Marketing Manager, to Chef Enrico Marmo and to all the staff, who, with their warmth and welcoming hospitality, made me feel at home .


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