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The sea makes you happy and a cruise experience, between the waves of the element water, “source of life”, it maximizes the benefits. Even the best shipping companies have embraced the philosophy of the Spa, integrating it on board of the cruises. It’s more and more frequent, therefore, to discover real floating wellness centers, overlooking the sea, a world where time is suspended, to let the guests live the opportunity to sail towards wellness, in harmony with themselves. During my cruise aboard the “Princess Cruises“, sailing in the Baltic Sea, between Copenhagen, Oslo, Berlin, Tallin, St. Petersburg, Helsinki, Stockholm, I discovered that the Company has partnered with the exclusive Lotus Spa, which offers a menu full of oriental treatments and rituals, such as ayurveda, yoga, reiki, exotic aromatherapy, bamboo massage, reflexology and acupuncture and is located on the fifth deck and, among the news, stands out the pool for thermal hydrotherapy. In the Enclave suite, there are also water beds and there are also hydro-massage, a Kneipp pool, to improve the circulation and solarium areas with sunbeds. At the 17th and 18th deck of the ship, the entire sports and health area extends, with a cardio gym, equipped with numerous treadmills, exercise bikes, ellipticals and American tools; a TRX suspension training room, where I participated in “Body Sculpt Boot Camp” fat-burning sessions and one of classes, like Zumba and Dynamic Yoga, thanks to the Personal Trainer, Ula and Radu. Every day, different Health and Wellness Information Seminars are promoted free of charge; I attended some lessons, finding them interesting, professional and training. The medical studio is active 24 hours. On the upper floor of the Fitness Area, there is an athletic track for running outdoors, which runs along the perimeter of the deck and several sports camps, for basketball, golf, tennis, shooting.
On a cruise vacation, you shouldn’t forget the sports-shoes, because there are many opportunities to use them outdoors, while you breathe the sea air, which oxygenates the mind and body. Because of the alarm at dawn, every morning, to participate in the various cultural excursions, I had the pleasure of trying the Spa on board; in particular, I received the Hot Stone massage, with lava stones that retain heat, alternating with the marble ones, which give off cold. It was a special multi-sensory technique, made with stones of different shapes and polished in different ways, to allow a differentiated massage in each area of the body.
The pressure and the different temperature of hot and cold stones gave me a deep relaxation and a detoxifying drainage all over my body, giving me an experience of total relaxation and deep sleep. After the long walks daily, visiting museums and attractions of the various cities, I booked a very unique foot treatment, never tried until now. In addition to scrub, cleansing, nail care and final massage, the most surprising aspect was the hyper-nourishing and emollient wrap, wrapping each toe with small sheets of aluminum paper, to allow the product to penetrate well. . This is what gives a Spa on the cruise: more time to dedicate to yourself and more confidence in entrusting you with your eyes closed, to regenerate! You will come out renewed in body and in spirit, because, even if you could not navigate in the gold, you can always…sail in Wellness! Raphaella Dallarda (INSPATIMEBLOG)


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