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In order to live well you need to start with wellness grocery shopping. Now it is possible even in the large retail sector, especially at Esselunga, where you can find organic food, as it is supposed to be: i.e., healthy, ready and cheap.

After all, “The body becomes what the foods are; as the spirit becomes what the thoughts are”. Choosing a healthy and responsible lifestyle, thanks to the thoughtful consumption of food, increases quality of life and it is a form of accessible luxury and familiar wellness. People are starting to worry about their health, learning how to avoid pesticides, GMOs, junk or processed food. Moreover, meals have become the most social points of the day, for adults and children. We gather with our dear ones and have social or work meetings. This increases psychophysical harmony.

Organic products can be found now on the shelves of popular supermarket chains. It’s understandable that they have to be more expensive than conventional goods even if sometimes, in organic or natural supermarkets, prices are not very affordable. During the 90s, organic goods were not cosmetically appealing, had a disappointing taste, rough packaging, and their descriptions were not clear.

While I was wandering around in an Esselunga supermarket, a brand that is popular for its focus on the client and its quality, I was delighted to notice that organic goods branded “Esselunga” are not found in a single area, like a ghetto. Instead, they are placed and displayed in all the sections, together with conventional products. According to Esselunga, this adventurous project in the organic world had the right spirit, and products were made from the best organic ingredients and components available on the market, having the same prices of conventional products. Therefore, this concept has a soul, a social purpose beyond business. At the new supermarket located on via Washington, where I did my shopping, I tried organic fruits and vegetables, fresh milk, butter, eggs, yogurt, healthy stock powder, extra virgin olive oil, honey, and tomato sauce. All were Bio-Esselunga branded products. Each product comes from certified agricultural enterprises, from an organic fresh supply guaranteed by a dedicated distribution network. Packaging is attractive, in order to convey positive and bright values. Special attention is paid to organic baby products, such as biscuits, juices, and baby food for the attention of mothers and their children. I also tried the fish section and I learned that fish is kept on ice, which is replaced every day. Early in the morning, fish is checked and analysed by hired veterinarians before it is cleaned, packed, and distributed. “We are what we eat”! Esselunga, or “WellnEsselunga” knows it and works with passion, offering wellness grocery shopping that is healthy, ready, and cheap.

(Raphaella Dallarda – INSPATIMEBLOG)


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