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The desire of every woman, even the least indulgent and most perfectionist with herself, is to see herself more beautiful, so as to feel more self-confident.

It also happens to me to struggle to forgive my physical imperfections and defects of beauty and it’s not always easy to accept and love me for what I am.

For a month, however, I have been putting into practice the secrets I learned during the Beauty Bites Masterclass organized by Chiara Ferragni and her personal Glam Artist, Manuele Mameli, in the two total sold out days of 9th and 10th February, at the Teatro Vetra, in Milan.

I confess that it was a much more professional and exciting experience than I expected, sponsored by Sephora Italy, in which the influencer with more than 16 million followers and her personal make-up artist dedicated technical advice and created make-up tutorials dedicated to three make-up looks: “Silver eyes”, for the day, “Red Ambition”, for the aperitif and “Crazy night”, for the evening.

Chiara lent herself, as a “guinea pig”, along with two other model girls, to be made-up by the make-up Artist during the event, in which Lancôme brand, of which the digital entrepreneur herself has been a testimonial since last March, provided all the products.

The two experiences, which lasted about 4 hours each, were followed on social networks by 6 million followers and totaled 1,400 spectators from all over the world who bought different types of tickets, including Regular, Exclusive and Vip, while 37 thousand people queued online to buy them, although they sold out in no time.

Part of the proceeds was used to donate the same project, the following weekend, to the girls of the oncology department of Padua, to allow them to enhance their beauty and increase self-esteem.

The It-girl has taken care of every detail, so much so that a real bomb of flowers bloom with the Flower Bomb fragrances, coordinated with make-up, in a floral explosion signed Viktor Androlf fragrances, to transform and invade the world of beauty and positivity. During the intervals, I had the chance to receive a personalized maquillage by Sephora’s professionals, with Lancôme products and I tasted all the American-style appetizers, preferred by Ferragni, in the various Californian Buffets, like slices of pizza, sandwiches with avocado, Coca-Cola or pink gummy candies. For me, the greatest emotion was confirmed, at the end of the event, behind the dressing rooms, the chat with Miss The Blonde Salad and Manuele Mameli, at the Meet & Greet, interviewing her with a mini video-selfie and taking some pictures together. What did I bring home? The certificate of participation in the MasterClass; the gadget cup by BeautyBites; the Make-up bag, full of cosmetics, set of brushes, earrings, make-up, perfumes, creams, two makeup bags, all with the Lancôme and Sephora brands.
What did I learn? The 10 beauty bites I’ve treasured: 1) base-face for sensitive skin: it’s essential to moisturize it with a precious product, such as Absolute cream face-eyes by Lancôme, so that the make-up can perform well. Before, spread an anti-red serum Intral of Darphin; after, put the base by a sponge of Teinte Idole Ultra Wear 01; 2) corrector-dark circles: the shadows under the eyes are illuminated without foundation, because it marks too thin the skin and covered by a thread of free powder that blocks the product, tapped with the fingers; 3) pencil-black-eyes: to put inside the eye, above and below, especially in the inner dash at the top. Recommended: Le Crayon Khôl No. 1 by Lancôme; 4) SOS-pimples: in the event of an important evening and the presence of pimples, it’s forbidden to mess with covering or correctors, emphasizing it and transforming it into a neo-sexywoman with a black pencil; 5) red lipstick: Absolute Rouge 132, must be applied naturally, with the fingertip, preferably without a pencil, or to make a barrier, using the Caprice n. 123; 6) eyeshadow eyes: create a play of shadows emphasizing the shape of the eye, blending out a matte eye shadow and spreading the iridescent ones on the mobile eyelid; 7) blush-cheeks: pulverize it on the cheeks to make a natural and healthy incarnate or warming up the skin with Tom Ford Beauty bronzing powder gold dust; 8) for day makeup, Mascara Monsieur Big black, Hypnose Erika F and Mademoiselle Shine 232 on the lips were applied; 9) for the aperitif one, it’s important to darken the eyes with shadows, thanks to the matte Tres Chocolate Ombre Hypnose M204 eyeshadow, while the glitters get heavy the eye down; 10) for the evening one, it’s essential to create a WOW effect, with Lancôme 1202 eyeshadow.and a fingers-tapping of rose essential-oil Darphin to glow, then fix all by Fix it & forget itspray of Lancôme. Normally a Masterclass is a make-up lesson for professionals; the Beautybites, on the other hand, has been open to everyone, also through interactions and active questions with the public, moderated by the very nice Cinica Beautician, in the role of disturber. To my question about the health and well-being of the skin, Chiara replied that, as she was always traveling, she tried to pack as few products as possible, while Manuele advised me, to keep the tricks, to close them well, especially eye shadows and to eliminate them one year after the after-opening period. I learned that it’s important to redefine yourself, finding your own style and uniqueness, biting every day moments of personal care and nice-being.   Raphaella Dallarda (INSPATIMEBLOG)


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